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Rathdowne Village — Our Latest Film, Presented By Zeller

A Local Melbourne Video Production

Zeller has provided a unique opportunity with this film; allowing the people and stories of Rathdowne Village to hero over traditional brand messaging. As filmmakers, it’s always the dream to capture real, authentic moments — the generosity of each business, and their willingness to open their doors and share their stories is reflected throughout the film. It shows the importance small businesses have on the everyday lives of Australians.

by Josh Janssen, Director (Full Stack Films)

Read more about Zeller Communities and Rathdowne Village on Zeller’s Website

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We help you tell compelling stories through video production. We bring strategy and high quality video production together.

We’ve cherry-picked some top Melbourne talent to offer you the best in video production; cinematography, video editing, motion graphics.

We Can Help You With:

  • Case Study Videos
  • Employer Brand Recruitment Videos
  • Product Launch Videos
  • Event & Brand Activation Videos
  • Live Streaming
  • Podcast Production
  • Training Videos
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Videos Made For Everywhere

When we’re making video content, we’re constantly asking; Who’s it for and What’s it for? And just as importantly: Where is it going to go?

We make sure that the videos we create together sit natively within every platform your audience experiences your brand.

That means bring forward the conversation of audience and platform, to make sure we’re capturing the right content on the day!

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We've Worked With:

Video Production Clients

Rob Ward

Quad Lock - Co-Founder

Working with Full Stack Films on multiple projects has been great for our brand. The Full Stack Films crew have an ability to find the story within the story and tell it in a beautiful and concise manner.

Customer Story Video For Quad Lock.

What Clients & Collaborators Say.

Naysan Naraqi
Naysan Naraqi
02:27 30 Jul 21
I've worked with Josh of Full Stack Films on a huge range of projects internationally for years, and am always so blown away by his creativity and fresh thinking. Josh doesn't just have great ideas, but he has the technical knowledge to execute them as well, as he's an amazing videographer, and hands down the best editor I've ever worked with. It's always a win when Full Stack is involved!
Till Spielhoff
Till Spielhoff
08:10 28 Jul 21
I have worked with Full Stack Films on a number of projects, and was very impressed the professionalism, commitment and quality of the service.They are solid choice for any video production project, I highly recommend Full Stack to anyone.
09:46 12 Oct 20
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A Modular Video Production Process.

Through our 10+ years in Video Production, we understand there's many elements of a production that will remain the same from project to project. We've developed a Video Production process that's flexible enough to save you time and deliver the outcomes you're wanting.

Pre Production

Understanding your brand and creating a video strategy that gets results. Identifying themes and key messages.


Connecting the video strategy with the right video production. High quality video production that stands out.

Post Production & Delivery

Editing the story for maximum impact. Putting it on the right platforms for your customers, clients and audience.

We're here to help international and interstate companies needing video production in Melbourne.

Local Video Production Crew in Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne Video Production For International Brands & Agencies

Melbourne video crew filming an interview.

We’ve helped many companies in the United States and Europe capture stories Down Under. As a full service video production company, we can provide you with everything you need to have a successful shoot, leveraging our Melbourne video crew and extensive Australian production network.

As a nimble team, we can work efficiently with the ambiguity sometimes found in international video productions during a pandemic! High quality video, without the stress.

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We’ll Take On Your Video Style

All on sticks? A dynamic interview using an EasyRig? Soft natural interview lighting? No worries at all. We can match what you’ve filmed in other parts of the world and will happily follow any style guides.

Watch A Live Video Feed

If you would like to watch the video production live, we can stream the video and audio feed to a private link, so you can watch it anywhere in the world. If you wish, you can provide live feedback through instant messaging to our on-site Director

Local Interviewer

We specialise in interview based non-fiction filmmaking. If your video project requires interviews, we’re the perfect video production partner for you. We will spend the time to understand your content and key messages. We can use your pre-written questions, or we can create our own based on your needs. With the intricacies of video interviews, we know when we need to get a pick up, or when rephrasing is required by the interviewee.

Receive Video Proxies Fast

We can generate proxies instantly, so your local editor can access the rushes and start editing faster. We regularly use and Google Drive, but we’re happy to upload to your preferred cloud service.

Working To Your Timezone

We understand that it can be difficult working with an international team, especially given the time difference for some parts of the world. We’re setup to take your pre production calls when it works for you!

Dedicated Video Producer

Each shoot has a dedicated Producer, ensuring that logistics run smoothly in Melbourne and your client or film subject are looked after.

High Quality Footage & Audio

It should go with out saying, but we’ll mention it anyway! We record in LOG, 10 Bit to give you a large amount of latitude in Post Production. We use Rode NTG-3 shotgun microphones and can provide you a full kit list on request.

Video File Management

All of our video productions use dual slot recording. This means that you can relax knowing that your video files are safe. We use best practices in DIT; that means we’ll use check-sum technology when ingesting your files and will keep an off-site backup until you’ve safely received all footage.

Video Editing Services

Would you like the footage edited in Melbourne? We can do that too. As a video production company, we spend a majority of our productions providing a ‘Full Stack’ solution. If it’s end to end you need, we can help! We can provide a post production schedule with revision milestones, linking in to our revision tools, so you can collate your feedback.

The Best Communication

We’re quick to respond, quick to have a kick-off video chat and quick to deliver files. Communication is critical in producing a remote video production, and we’ll do everything we can to make the whole process as stress-free as possible.

Fresh From The Blog

film crew in indonesia
International video production crew

Melbourne Productions & Beyond

We’ve told stories from around the world.

Whilst we are based in Melbourne — we’re a nationally and internationally resourced production company. We have filmed stories in over a dozen countries and have created high-end workflows for micro-crew documentaries where footprint size really matters. This approach to production has influenced the way we film locally around Australia.

Collaboration Is Key!

We love to work closely with our clients to really get to know the organisation, the video objectives and the people involved in the production — from PR agencies, internal content teams, HR departments or the CEO. We believe the success of any video is determined on our ability to connect and collaborate effectively.

We Work Lean & We Scale.

What makes us unique is our ability to work lean. We can work as a small crew when needed, providing flexibility and renewed focus on story. This doesn’t mean we compromise on quality. We’ve spent the past ten years cutting the fat and refining our production processes. We’re able to scale up and down depending on each project’s specific requirements.

We Work Lean & We Scale.

What makes us unique is our ability to work lean. We can work as a small crew when needed, providing flexibility and renewed focus on story. This doesn’t mean we compromise on quality. We’ve spent the past ten years cutting the fat and refining our production processes. We’re able to scale up and down depending on each project’s specific requirements.

Rewarding You With Every Video

Great communication and content strategies require a 365 day a year approach. We want to reward you for committing to the worthwhile endeavour of creating a video series for your audience. If you commit to a series package, you’ll automatically unlock some great perks through Full Stack Perks.

Let’s Work Together On Your Next Video Production!

We’re based in Melbourne, Australia. We have a network of filmmakers all around the world, so please get in touch if you need a hand with your video production needs!

Phone: +61 3 9933 4690

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