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Capturing Real Stories Through Video Production

We started out like most video production companies 12 years ago; with embroidered polo shirts and a dream that we could be the sickest video crew in Melbourne.

A lot has changed since 2005; the fashion (R.I.P company polos), a bunch of video production companies have since popped up, and there’s been a massive increase in distribution channels for video content.

In this new world of highly accessible video content, the core filmmaking principles remain the same. We’ve built Full Stack Films on taking those core principles (story, audience and production value) and combining it with a solid understanding of business, branding, marketing and online distribution.

Our Work

Stories We’ve Told
We pride ourselves on being different to any other video production company in Melbourne. We’re a video production company that loves our clients and we love the process of solving problems through video.

Our work is based on value; discovering your brand’s unique stories and constructing the most compelling videos to share with the world.

We’re the first people to tell you if you don’t need a video but the last people to say something can’t be done.

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Let’s Work Together

Storytelling Centred Around Collaboration

Storytelling is a people-focussed business. Being welcomed behind closed doors and entrusted with another person’s story is a responsibility we don’t take lightly. Collaboration in a video production is the key to building context and trust.

We love getting to know your organisation and we work well with others — from your PR agency, your internal content team, to your CEO. The success of any video is determined on a production company’s ability to align with the many moving parts of a brand strategy. Whether we’re on set or on a pre production call, we get a kick out of collaborating with others.

Recruitment Video Production

Videos that celebrate your unique employer brand.

Melbourne & Beyond

Whilst our home is in Melbourne — more specifically, Abbotsford — we’re a globally resourced production company. We have filmed stories in over a dozen countries and have created high-end workflows for micro-crew documentaries where footprint size really matters. This approach to production has influenced the way we film locally around Australia.

Let’s Look Beyond Corporate Video Production

When you think of corporate video production, what comes to mind? We think back to a time where brands had little choice in their video production partners. You could tell a corporate video from a film or a television show — from its reach, to its aesthetic, to its poorly acted scripts. In 2017, that’s not the case.

As your video production partner, we’d like to show you what’s possible. Let’s look beyond corporate video. Let’s craft a story that will engage your shareholders, your staff, your managers and your customers in a whole new way.

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We love our clients. Here’s just a few brands we’ve worked with.

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