Specialising in cinematography, editing and motion graphics.

We capture real stories and brand sentiment through video.

We’re nimble, creative and produce content that communicates your story and keeps people watching.

We started out in 2015 as a company of one, and since then, have cherry-picked some top Melbourne talent to offer our clients the best in video production; cinematography, motion graphics, video editing and other content creative.

Case Study Videos, Testimonials
& Customer Stories.

Let your customers brag for you.


Meet The Video Production Team

Josh Janssen

Question asker and resident geek. Josh gets the most out of everyone on camera. He knows exactly what to film and what questions to ask. He loves experimenting with new tools and getting the most out of every production.

Tommy Jackett

TJ is a problem-solver. He knows what ideas stick and how to find the essential ingredients for every video, which is why he’s had his fair-share of viral video hits. With an allergy to rah-rah and jargon, TJ’s unique filter means that your message is loud and clear in every video we make.

Jess Lucas

Timelines, to-do lists and team management. Thanks to Jess’ extensive experience in Account Management and Comms — having worked with the biggest agencies in the biz — she’s always one step ahead, keeping everything on track and on budget. You’ll notice a sense of calm when working with us; That’s thanks to Jess.

George Martin

Georgie-boy is the most impressive Editor we’ve ever met. When we’re on a production, we can’t wait to see GB get his hands on the story. He’s intuitive, creative and understands how to match the pace and style of each unique project.

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Client Video Production


Find the story within the story.

Our SEO guy told us we had to include these words: video production, branded content, and videography, so now that we’ve gotten that our of the way, we can focus on what we do best: produce great branded video content.

Our work is based on value; discovering each brand’s unique story and constructing the most compelling videos to communicate your message.


We love to work closely with our clients to really get to know the organisation, the video objectives and the people involved in the production — from PR agencies, internal content teams, HR departments or the CEO. We believe the success of any video is determined on our ability to connect and collaborate effectively.

Video Productions by Full Stack Films.

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Whilst we are based in Melbourne — we’re a nationally and internationally resourced production company. We have filmed stories in over a dozen countries and have created high-end workflows for micro-crew documentaries where footprint size really matters. This approach to production has influenced the way we film locally around Australia.