A Full Stack approach to video production.

We specialise in non-fiction storytelling through video production. We’ve been doing it for more than ten years. Our video production services revolve around the latest needs of brands, both big and small. If the video service isn’t listed, please get in contact so we can point you in the right direction.

Brand Documentaries

Capturing your brand story through video.

It has become the centrepiece of many brands’ communication strategies. The brand documentary, or more simply put, the “about us video” is a great way to put a face and voice to your brand. It can be used as a way to tell your rich history, or communicate an exciting new direction your brand is taking. The brand documentary is the perfect piece of content for your website and to showcase your services or approach to business.

As a hero piece of video content, your brand documentary can be used across all brand channels, including your website and socials, at the beginning of a conference or even in your pitch documents.

An example of a brand documentary video for Hearth Australia

Product Launch Videos

Tell the story of your new product and the people who made it.

You only have to look at a successful crowdfunding campaign to see the importance of video in a product launch. Investing in a video for a launch can have a significant impact on your ability to gain media coverage and social shares of a new product.

A product launch video will typically have a clear call to action, which is connected to a larger sales strategy. You may wish to gain pre-orders, receive backing through crowdfunding, or you may have a product in stores ready to be purchased through your resellers.

We specialise in video production that shares the product journey, taking a behind the scenes look at new products and the people who make them.

An example of a product launch Kickstarter campaign video for Tiller.

Employer Brand Videos

Why should people join your team? Employer brand videos help you share your team story in an authentic way.

Employer brand videos are becoming a common staple in the recruitment process, particularly for larger companies. A good employer brand video reflects an organisation’s culture, purpose and its point of difference as an employer.

With a strong focus on people and culture, employer brand videos are regularly being referred to as lifestyle videos, providing greater value to businesses beyond recruitment. At Full Stack Films, our video production process focuses on immersing ourselves in each business we work with, to ensure we reflect its unique personality in each employer brand video.

An example of an employer brand video for Bupa.

Case Study Videos

Case study videos provide legitimacy, celebrating your customer’s success through your help.

Nothing speaks louder for your brand than a happy customer.

Customer story videos are a unique opportunity to capture case studies of existing clientele. Our clients have told us their customer story videos have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in new customer acquisitions.

An example of customer story video for Audata.

Short Form Documentaries

Create compelling video content that inspires your customers to take action. Short form documentaries are a great way to elevate your brand.

We’ve made documentaries for media companies who are in the business of creating content. There’s a good chance that in this new world of social media and YouTube, you’re in the business of content creation too.

Not all of your video content needs to speak about you, your product or your customers to be effective. Short form documentaries can be a great way to engage your audience in a new way. It can be used to inform your customers or to entertain. We’ve also created documentaries as part of a series, integrating into email marketing campaigns, microsites and events.

An example of a short form documentary from our series One Story Up.

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