Social video strategy

Creating Video Content For Social Media

If you’re deciding where to distribute a video after it’s been filmed and edited, it’s probably too late.
Whilst most videos can be ‘reworked’ to fit within the context of a social media platform, content has become so platform specific, not understanding which channels you’ll be distributing to before production will be detrimental to its success.

Instagram, for instance, has multiple video options — Instagram stories, Reels, Posts, IGTVs and even Carousels.
Aspect ratios (portrait, landscape, square), title safe areas, captioning, title and description options; each video implementation needs its own consideration in both production and post production.

Outside of the obvious technical constraints mentioned above, each video type has its own style and best practices. How narration is added, the style of text, music options and video duration.

With every video project we produce at Full Stack Films, we offer a Video Strategy.

The amount of time needed to create a Video Strategy at the start of a video project is well worth it. It amplifies the project and sharpens your understanding of audience and success. That means: your money and message will go further. More reach, more sales, more results.

Video Strategy is the difference between okay videos and outstanding videos.

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