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You Just Have To Go Out And Do Stuff

Christian Hull is a Melbourne based content creator. His highly engaged audience — 299,158 followers on his Facebook page — eagerly wait for his new videos to be uploaded.

If he looks familiar, you’ve probably inadvertently seen one of his videos on your newsfeed.

Donning a blonde ratty wig, Christian transforms into Trish, a larger than life character that adapts to whatever topic Christian’s covering; from an exhausted nurse to a frustrated Mum trying to make a costume for Book Week.

On the ‘relatable’ scale, Christian’s basically your best mate. He’s built his content on authenticity, listening to his audience, or more specifically, trawling through the comments — writing down any ideas that his fans offer.

I had the pleasure of featuring Christian in a short documentary as part of our new series, One Story Up.

I spent a Friday and Saturday following him around with a camera. What I took away from my conversations with Christian:

Don’t obsess about the path you think you need to take. Stop theorising and start working on something. 

In his words:
“Sometimes I felt really stuck… and you feel like you’re not heading in the path you wanted to be heading in.
If I really pushed myself to go in the direction I wanted to when I was younger, I wouldn’t be here.
You want there to be just one thing that you have to do, but there isn’t…You just have to go out and do stuff.”
Thanks to Christian for his willingness to be featured in the video. His openness, work ethic and attitude to life is inspiring.

Posted by Josh Janssen