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We’re a Melbourne-based video production company – Full Stack Films is nimble, creative and produces content that communicates your story and keeps people watching.

A video production company helping brands tell stories with impact.

Our experience spans more than ten years in the video production industry and we combine our love for the craft with our equaled passion for business and communications.
We take an interest in all areas of the production process, from ideation to distribution.

Josh Janssen

Question asker and resident geek. Josh gets the most out of everyone on camera. He knows exactly what to film and what questions to ask. He loves experimenting with new tools and getting the most out of every production.

Tommy Jackett

TJ is a problem-solver. He knows what ideas stick and how to find the essential ingredients for every video, which is why he’s had his fair-share of viral video hits. With an allergy to rah-rah and jargon, TJ’s unique filter means that your message is loud and clear in every video we make.

Jess Lucas

Timelines, to-do lists and team management. Thanks to Jess’ extensive experience in Account Management and Comms — having worked with the biggest agencies in the biz — she’s always one step ahead, keeping everything on track and on budget. You’ll notice a sense of calm when working with us; That’s thanks to Jess.

George Martin

Georgie-boy is the most impressive Editor we’ve ever met. When we’re on a production, we can’t wait to see GB get his hands on the story. He’s intuitive, creative and understands how to match the pace and style of each unique project.

We Understand Your Brand

At Full Stack Films, we take a massive interest in what you do. Our curiosity and our desire to understand our client’s’ objectives means we’re not just guns for hire. We gather context around your brand and filter it through our years of industry experience. Here’s some tips for brands exploring video production.

We’re Strong Communicators

What’s with the cliche of video production companies being so difficult to communicate with? When working with Full Stack Films, if you send an email, you’ll get a quick response. We’ll keep you updated on where a project is at. We value collaboration and understand that communication is the most important element to do it successfully.

We Use Great Gear

It’s not all about the equipment, but it’s also nice to use great gear. Our kit is the preferred tool for documentary filmmakers around the world. Our versatile cinema camera (Canon C200) enables us to shoot 4K to slow motion. 

We Work Lean & We Scale

What makes us unique is our ability to work lean. We can work as a small crew when needed, providing flexibility and renewed focus on story. This doesn’t mean we compromise on quality. We’ve spent the past ten years cutting the fat and refining our production processes. We’re able to scale up and down depending on each project’s specific requirements.

We Travel Well

We’ve had the privilege of filming in over a dozen countries. We thrive under the pressure of capturing new places and navigating different cultures.

We Know A Lot Of Talented People

Through our love of collaboration, we’ve acquired a great network of talented video professionals in our hometown of Melbourne, as well as in South-East Asia, North America and Europe — cinematographers, script writers, producers and assistants. We’re constantly utilising our network to get the most out of our productions. If we can’t do something, we know someone who can. Beyond video production, we’ve worked on projects with some of the world’s best designers, developers and artists. We love joining the dots.